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Republic Of Slovenia Citizenship Requirements

Guide to Slovenian Citizenship With Citizensl

Slovenia is the green heart of Europe which is known for its mountains, ski resorts and lakes.Though it’s a small country but still everyone can find something for them. The country has so much to offer from ancient forests and crystal clear waters to unspoilt corners and astonishing biodiversity. Slovenia is committed to sustainability. It is the perfect green and safe oasiswhose significance can be felt in its culture gastronomy and natural wonders.  Slovenia is a small region where one can swim in the sea during morning hours and climb mountains in the afternoon.

In Slovenia apart from the Slovenian language people also speak English. The currency of Slovenia is the euro. Slovenia holds the most unique stories and experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. In terms of ecological situation and the standards of living it is superior to all the others from Eastern Europe.

Slovenia forms part of the European Union. Thus, Slovenian citizens are also citizens of the European Union andtherefore can enjoy rights of free movement. As per Visa Restrictions Index, the Slovenian passport ranks 11th in the world.

Slovenian Citizenship

With obtaining the passport of the Republic of Slovenia, one becomes eligible to:

  • Live and work in any country that is part of the European Union.
  • Move freely within the territory of the alliance (including the countries of the Schengen agreement), the USA and Asia.
  • Buy real estate at reasonable prices.
  • Get quality education as per European standards.
  • Access various social benefits, such as loans, insurance, and other allowances.
  • Establish business with favorable development prospects.
  • Family reunification in the country.
  • Access excellent and high grade European health care system.
  • Right to get consular protection from the embassy of any other EU country where there is no Slovenian embassy.
  • Visa-free or visa on arrival access to 180 countries and territories.

Slovenian citizenship can be acquired on the principles of Jus sanguinis.  According to this principle, descent from a Slovenian parent is eligible for acquisition of Slovenian citizenship.

Another method of claiming Application for Slovenian Citizenship is the naturalisation process.It is for those who are not a citizen of Slovenia at the time of birth.

Slovenia permits dual citizenship. However, those acquiring Slovenian citizenship by naturalisation require renouncing foreign citizenship they hold. 

Get assured with Citizensl

Citizensl assist and organize support in applying to the citizenship of Slovenia. We take on the task to prove your Slovenian existence. You just need to send us the scanned copies of your passport and a complete application form; we will examine your family tree and will make you obtain citizenship of Slovenia through the repatriation method. The application form will be availed to you through us in advance upon request.

The team of Citizensl Immigration and Citizenship Services Review is thoroughly familiarised with the documentation and is determined towards their work.  Full processing will take no more than 8 months.

Feel free and come forward to contact us. We offer extraordinary help to every individual seeking citizenship in European states.

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